Philip Lynott: Still In Love With You - A4 Hardback Edition

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Philip Lynott was one of Ireland's original rock stars. He emerged onto the Dublin beat scene in the 1960s, first as a member of The Black Eagles and subsequently, in turn, with Skid Row, Orphanage and, as the bass guitarist, singer and chief songwriter, with the legendary Thin Lizzy. Lizzy made their chart breakthrough in 1973 with a rocked-up version of the old Irish ballad "Whiskey In The Jarí". By the late 1970s, the band had scaled the rock 'n'roll heights, first with the electrifying Jailbreak album and later with the release of the classic Live and Dangerous. Out front, Philip Lynott cut a hugely charismatic figure. A poet, a romantic and a rocker, he was perhaps the finest songwriter ever to grace the hard rock genre. But like Jim Morrison, and his hero Jimi Hendrix, fate caught up with Philip far, far too early. He died on January 4th, 1986.  Philip Lynott: Still In Love With You tells the story of the Thin Lizzy frontman, in a brilliant documentary style, through the eyes and ears of his closest allies, fellow musicians, managers, producers and admirers. And it contains an extraordinary collection of original documents and artefacts, which further illuminate the legacy of both the man and his music. Superbly constructed by Niall Stokes, it is a remarkable and hugely compelling portrait of an Irish hero, who was one of rock's most fascinating icons.