The 1000th Issue Special - The Super de Luxe Package

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This is a fantastic three-in-one package, which is a fab way of enjoying the Hot Press 1,000th Issue Special. You get:

– The 1,000th Issue

– Put Yourself on the First Cover Print

– I Prefer The Early Stuff Bonus Issue

– All-in Price Super de Luxe Package – €79.50


* I Prefer The Early Stuff Bonus Issue

This is a unique slice of Irish publishing, and rock ’n’ roll history, hand-printed for each and everyone who buys it. This 32-page special will include fantastic material from Hot Press first years in action. You can customise it by choosing which first major interview* you want added to the publication from the list below. This will be a collectors’ item – personalised to you.

Thin Lizzy / Philip Lynott
Rory Gallagher
The Pogues
The Clash
Kate Bush
Sinéad O’Connor
The Cranberries
The Smiths

(Comes with a free digital subscription to Hot Press worth €40)