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For over 45 years, Hot Press has been a trailblazer, discovering brilliant new Irish talent, fighting for equality for all, highlighting vital social and political causes and helping to shape the new Ireland – a country that is among the most culturally open and progressive in the world. 

We aim to keep pushing for progress over the next 12 months, especially in ways that will work for our beleaguered young population. 

To support the Hot Press team in its crucial journalistic work, you can become a subscriber and a patron. 

There is no better way of understanding what's happening in Irish music, Irish culture and Irish society – and how that fits in the wider context of a world that is changing at a dizzying pace and coming under ever-more severe threat – than reading every issue of the magazine. 

And you will also have ongoing access to the unique – and uniquely compelling – Hot Press view of international music and culture.

Supporting Hot Press makes more sense than ever in a moment of deepening global crisis. So now is the time to take the plunge.

Welcome on board!

1 Year Subscription Includes 

  • A full digital subscription to fortnightly Hot Press magazine
  • Hot Press  Membership
  • A commitment to support Independent Journalism
  • Advance information on Hot Press activities, events and promotions
  •  Our weekly e-zine, keeping you up do date on everything that's happening in the world of Hot Press 

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