Hot Press 42-06: Ed Sheeran

As he prepares to play to 1/12th of the Irish population, Stuart Clark gets the inside word on Ed Sheeran from some of his closest musical allies. He also recalls his own interviews with the stadium-filling superstar, and photo-journalist Barbara Lindberg takes us all the way back to 2003, when Ed Sheeran went to a Damian Rice show in Whelan's, and captures the moment that inspired the soft spoken musician. Speaking with a broad spectrum of people who have worked with Ed along the way, this exclusive preview traces Ed’s Irish roots, his development as one of the most ambitious solo performers in the world, and how he refused to compromise during his steep climb to the top.

Also in this issue, Peter Boylan explains why Repealing the 8th is the right thing to do from every medical ground possible and Hot Press Editor Niall Stokes examines the Repeal campaign, and the nefarious tactics of the No side. 

On top of that, we have we have our 2018 Festival Special, with your essential guide to everything to look forward to in the months ahead! 

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