Hot Press 43-17: The 1000th Issue Special


Our 1,000th issue we will publish five covers to choose from

  1.     Rory Gallagher (70's)
  2.     U2 (80's)
  3.     Madonna (90's)
  4.     Amy Winehouse (00's)
  5.     Hozier (10's)

 It’s a big one…. the 1,000th Issue of Hot Press hit the streets on October 17th.

Hot Press started out in 1977 with the avowed intent of making Ireland safe for rock ’n’ roll. Since then the country has been transformed (no, we didn’t do it on our own!). 

 70 million words later (give or take a few), this once-in-a lifetime Very Special Edition of the magazine will be jam-packed with extraordinary editorial things...


– brilliant writing from the Hot Press crew

– guest contributions from celebrities and stars 

– major interviews with key figures 

– big think-pieces about what ails – or inspires – us

– great pictures that also tell a story 

– and lots more besides, indeed...


The Hot Press 1,000th Issue is a historic landmark. It is one of those special items to have and to hold – and to keep.


To ensure that you get a copy, order here... straight away. 




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