Hot Press 44-07: Kodaline (Flip Cover)

Following the release of their highly anticipated fourth album, <em><a href="">One Day At A Time</a>, </em>we're delighted to reveal Kodaline as the stars of our special flip-cover issue.

In the new issue, we spoke to lead singer Steve Garrigan about the band's brush with Covid-19, and getting back to basics on their new album.

“At one point we weren’t going to release it,” Steve said of <em>One Day At A Time</em>. “But we ended up deciding against that – because we have a lot of fans who we knew would appreciate it if we released an album right now. A lot of people are just in their houses, with a lot of time on their hands. There’s a lot of people streaming now, too. So it’s a weird time, but I’m really excited.”

Elsewhere in the issue, we mark Rory Gallagher's 25th Anniversary with a series of special tributes – featuring contributions from President Michael D. Higgins, Imelda May, Johnny Marr, Mumford &amp; Sons, Mick Fleetwood, Steve Van Zandy and Slash.

The new issue of Hot Press, featuring flip-cover stars Kodaline, is in shops today. You can also order your copy online below:

Read all about the brilliant competition we’ll be running for a Rory Gallagher Signature Fender Stratocaster, worth €5,300.

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