Hot Press 44-08: Fontaines D.C. As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!


“I’m in a really good place. We’ll have released two albums I’m really proud of before my 25th birthday. I’m engaged to be married and we’re incandescently creative.”

As Fontaines D.C. get ready to release their incendiary A Hero’s Death album, singer Grian Chatten couldn’t be in better form despite the global carnage that, like us all, Ireland’s newest global rock phenomenons are having to deal with.


As part of an eight-page special, Grian and bandmate Carlos O’Connell talk in detail about their artistic process; how they nearly hit the ‘self-destruct’ button in America; the extraordinary influences that helped shape A Hero’s Death; lessons learned in Lockdown; their support for Black Lives Matter; and how politicians have betrayed Ireland again.

Add in exclusive behind-the-scenes insights via-Fontaines D.C. memorabilia, hand-written lyrics and and producer Dan Carey on why they’re such a special band to work with, and it’s a must-have for every Fontaines D.C. fan – and for anyone who wants to understand what makes a great rock ’n’ roll band.


*The interviews with Fontaines D.C. and The Coronas will appear in all copies of Hot Press.


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