Hot Press 44-08: The Coronas World Turned Upside Down


As 2020 unfolded, Irish hit-machine The Coronas were plunged into a life or death battle. Could Danny O’Reilly and his mates take on a name-robbing virus?  


One of Ireland’s brightest and most successful bands for the past fifteen years, The Coronas woke one bleak January morning to find that a malignant virus had appropriated their name. 

In an extraordinary fable for 2020, how the makers of such massive hits as ‘San Diego Song’, ‘Heroes Or Ghosts’, ‘Addicted To Progress’ and ‘All The Others’ decided to fight back against the pandemic and release their most powerful album ever, True Love Waits, is a tale dramatically told in Hot Press by singer Danny O’Reilly. Plus: the secret life of the band Ireland came to love – and the world is set to discover!


*The interviews with Fontaines D.C. and The Coronas will appear in all copies of Hot Press

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