Hot Press 44-12: Philip Lynott (Flip Cover Special)


This is a Flip Cover Special Magazine which will have Phil Lynott (Back Cover) & Denise Chaila (Front Cover)

There has long been talk about a new documentary on the great Thin Lizzy frontman, Philip Lynott. Now, it has arrived – and we can tell you that it is very special indeed. It’s called Songs For While I’m Away – and it focusses on the extraordinary creative output of the man Dubliners came to know as “Philo”. To coincide with its release, in a flip cover special – with Ireland’s hottest new black artist Denise Chaila also doing the honours – Hot Press speaks to the director Emer Reynolds about her take on the the Phil Lynott legend; what she learned about the man himself while making the movie; his powerful legacy as a songwriter – and as an Irish rock ’n’ roll hero. Also in our special Songs For While I’m Away focus is a fascinating and hugely revealing interview with Lizzy guitarist extraordinaire, Scott Gorham, by Roisin Dwyer and lots more besides...

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