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Hot Press 42-21 2019 Annual: COVER No.1: VERSATILE Published December 2018

Versatile are one of the most extraordinary musical sensations to come out of Ireland in aeons. Operating independently, the Ringsend hip hop collective have quickly galvanised Irish fans, who’ve shot their YouTube video views into millions. Superb live performers, they have also had an extraordinary impact at this year's festivals. Indeed they were among the major hit acts at Electric Picnic 2018, with a mad-up-for-it crowd of 20,000 cramming the Electric Arena to catch them – and thousands more outside. The rest of the world is out to get them too. 'Paro off their heads' or not, Versatile are already burning the ears off UK fans as they sell-out venues across the UK on their first major tour there at the start of 2019. The US is next!

Before it all goes totally bat-shit crazy, Hot Press has collaborated with the Versatile gang on a cover feature for the Hot Press Annual 2019, visiting the band’s top secret Dublin hide-outs, travelling deep into their Ringsend lair and generally getting to the heart of the outfit’s appeal.  

To PRE-ORDER Versatile’s first ever magazine cover just buy it here! 
*IMPORTANT NOTE* This is not the cover, which will remain top secret until next week, when the Hot Press Annual will be published. 

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