Hot Press Covers Exhibition Pop-Up


The Hot Press Covers Exhibition

Following the success of our 2017 Hot Press Covers Exhibition at the National Photographic Archive - which was to celebrate our fortieth anniversary - we'll be putting on an exhibition of some of the most iconic covers in our offices on Capel Street. These will include signed covers of everyone from Gerry Adams to U2, and more.

Come see a display of the collection, reaching through the decades. The Hot Press Covers Exhibition will be open for TWO guided tours on Culture Night, one at 6pm and one at 7pm. Because space is very limited they must be booked in advance (for free) above.

It isn't as big as the original - but it'll be a fabulous walk through history all the same! 

Availability is extremely limited, so please do book immediately as we don't want anyone to be disappointed. 

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