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The Hot Press Covers Exhibition was one of 2017's cultural highlights. 

Now, to celebrate U2's sojurn in Dublin we're recreating a pop-up version of it featuring all of the signed Hot Press U2 covers, from November 5th to November 11th, at Hot Press' new building @ 100 Capel St. It isn't as big as the original - but it'll be a fabulous walk through history all the same! 

Ahead of U2's return to their home city, we'll be offering fans the chance to to take a look at every single one ¯ from 1979 to the present day, and hear the insider stories about how they started in Dublin and grew to become to biggest band in the world. 

Because we're a working publication, the visits are ticketed and at appointed times. They cost €10 to handle the admin and bits and pieces, but that €10 is usable as credit of an item of purchase. 

Availability is extremely limited, so please do book immediately as we don't want anyone to be disappointed.