Hot Press Issue 45-07: Inhaler


Available to order Ireland’s new rock ‘n’ roll Fab Four, Inhaler.

Joe Strummer, Tony Soprano, Ian Curtis, IDLES, Stormzy, Blindboy and Mick Jagger are all namechecked as Elijah Hewson, Robert Keating, Ryan McMahon and Josh Jenkinson pay HP Central a visit to coincide with the release of their stunning It Won’t Always Be Like This album.

They also give us their thoughts on drugs, homelessness, involuntary celibacy, the ‘woke’ generation, family and lots, lots more!

The quality new Irish music doesn’t end there with Soda Blonde and Cosha telling us about their respective Small Talk and Mt Pleasant albums, both of which pack a serious sonic punch.

Also in the new issue, we ask “Is Ireland open for rock ‘n’ roll business again?” and talk to Minister for Arts, Catherine Martin, about Covid test gigs, the basic income pilot scheme for artists and her own musical exploits.

Comedian Matthew Tallon tells us why PUP payments should go on forever; Pat Carty gets up close and reasonably personal with Crowded House; and we meet the latest Trinity College alumna to set the literary world on fire, Eimear Ryan.

And that really is just for starters...

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