Hot Press Issue 46-11: Bono

To mark the publication of Bono’s powerful memoir Surrender, we dug into the archives and found this marvellous pic of the man himself, sporting a Hot Press Readers’ Poll 'Kiss Me Quick’ Award from 1980. Inside:

• there’s more archive fun, with the handwritten text of Bono’s first ever article, commissioned for the Hot Press Yearbook (also 1980)
• a brilliantly written exclusive extract from the book setting the scene for the controversial Pop album
• reflections on the meaning of Surrender from Hot Press editor Niall Stokes 
• and a Q&A interview with the author himself that is both mischievously funny and revealing...

Also in this issue of Hot Press:
– Bill Whelan’s remarkable life
– Graham Norton gives good interview
– We meet Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson

Plus: Florence Pugh, Baby Queen, Ocean Tisdall, The Mary Wallopers and Pat Carty on Bob Dylan

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