Hot Press Issue 47-07: Christy Dignam


This is a Flip Cover Special Magazine which will have Christy Dignam (Front Cover) & Barbie (Flip Cover)


Brilliant Hot Press covers are just like buses – you wait a whole month for one, and then three come along at once. Or four, if you count our special flip-cover...

As part of our Triple Cover Special Issue, we're thrilled to present our iconic cover stars Blur (ahead of the release of their latest masterwork, The Ballad Of Darren), Ireland's Women's World Cup Squad (featuring analysis, predictions and exclusive interviews with Vera Pauw and more), and the late, great Christy Dignam (alongside a special tribute to the Dublin icon). You'll also find the brilliant Barbie on the flip-cover of each, in the run-up to the release of the summer's most eagerly anticipated film.

Elsewhere in the issue, you can feast upon interviews with Maisie Peters, Belters Only, Mik Pyro, Mahalia, Black Mirror's creator and stars, Lucinda Williams, Wham! director Chris Smith, Wendell Pierce of Jack Ryan, Malachy Tuohy, Fräulein and much, much more – including previews, reviews and unmissable news…

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