Hot Press Issue 47-11: U2 - Inside the Sphere


The Greatest Show On Earth

U2 Inside The Sphere

By Pat Carty

 “I’m front-row in Las Vegas. And there’s a big one on tonight.”

They really don’t came any bigger than U2 in the Las Vegas Sphere – and Hot Press was there when this rock ‘n’ roll re-defining Greatest Show On Earth kicked off. We ventured backstage to meet Adam Clayton and The Edge and got the inside word on what makes that 268,435,456 pixels LED screen and mind-blowing 3D sound system tick from legendary U2 creatives Willie Williams and Joe O’Herlihy. 

 Also in this U2 Special: An exclusive insider blast from the past, as Dublin venue owner Harry Crosbie travels to a show in Turin in U2’s private jet...

  • New Irish heroes Jazzy, Kojaque and The Scratch  
  • How did it come to this in Israel and Palestine?
  • The extraordinary life of brilliant Irish artist Bernard Caravan

 That's all in the new issue of Hot Press, available to order online now. 

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