Hot Press Issue 48-03: Taylor Swift


As Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is unleashed onto the masses via Disney+, we’re celebrating with a spectacular new cover – starring the biggest pop icon on the planet…

In a special deep dive, Paul Nolan looks at how the billion-grossing Eras – now the biggest tour of all time – became a bona fide cultural phenomenon. It's a remarkable saga encompassing major controversies, sporting history, Senate hearings, geopolitical feuds – and, of course, some all-time classic music…

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Swiftie, or simply want the low-down on Taylor's path to world domination, this is the issue for you!

Elsewhere in this gripping new issue, you can look forward to a star-studded selection of interviews with the likes of Elbow, Bleachers, Dylan, SPIDER, HamsandwicH, Colum McCann and more…

So don’t miss out! Order your copy now:

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