My Boy: The Philip Lynott Story by Philomena Lynott (with Jackie Hayden)


My Boy, is the No.1 best-selling account of the life and tragic loss of Thin Lizzy's lead singer Philip Lynott, written by his mother Philomena Lynott (with Jackie Hayden).

First published in 1995, it quickly rose in popularity and was later released internationally through Virgin Books. This 2011 edition is fully updated with the complete story of Philomena Lynott’s three children."There were things I couldn’t talk about when the first book was published. Now, finally, I can," Philomena told Hot Press during the 2011 launch. My Boy documents the often harrowing experience of an unmarried mother in England in the late 1940s and early ‘50s, the heady days of Thin Lizzy’s rise to international stardom and the tragic chain of events ending her son's life – plunging Philomena into a fierce depression from which she is slowly recovering. 

Also included are interviews with Philomena and Leslie, Philomena Lynott’s other children – the brother and sister Philip never knew he had.

  • An Irish No.1 Bestseller in 1995 and again in 2011
  • Thirty-two pages of brilliant, original pictures
  • Tells the story of a young, unmarried Irish teenager who becomes pregnant in Bermingham in 1948
  • What it was like having a mixed race child in a desperately conservative, post-war society
  • The young Philip Lynott and his unique experiences growing up
  • The rise of Thin Lizzy as an international rock phenomenon
  • The extraordinary story of the relationship between a towering rock star and his proud mother
  • The joys of life at the top – and the occasional 
  • The moment when Philomena became aware of Philip’s drug addiction
  • The tragic, heartbreaking death of Ireland’s most iconic rock star

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