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Hot Press Yearbook 2020 Bundle: 20 Copies

€280.00 €499.00

The Hot Press Yearbook is an absolutely essential purchase for anyone and everyone involved in the music, entertainment and media business in Ireland – and further afield.

The ultimate ‘little black book’, it contains a brilliantly informative 'Who’s Who' of all of the top movers and shakers in the business – as well as those ultimate 'golden tickets': phone numbers, email addresses and more.

Superbly researched, and brilliantly put together, it contains:

• All the key information on the people that make the industry happen
• Up to date information and listings, covering every aspect of the business.
• Over 6,000 entries of key people and businesses
• Lots more insider information and advice

With the aid of the Hot Press Yearbook 2020, you can get your material in front of the right people; find out who to talk to in promoters, venues, radio stations, the press and more; plan tours across every county in Ireland; follow how business insiders have charted their careers; find the best set-up for your live shows; locate the recording studios that are right for you – and lots more besides.

In fact: everything you need to know is contained between the covers of the Hot Press Yearbook.

Don't wait!  Get ahead of the pack by pre-ordering your copy of “The Bible" now!

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