Hot Press 44-10: The Killers (Flip Cover Special)

The Killers are one of the most important rock bands of the past 20 years. Formed in 2001, they went on to scale the heights, breaking through with their debut album Hot Fuss (2003), which went to No.1 in the UK and Ireland. They have repeated that chart-topping feat in the UK with every subsequent album, also topping the charts in the US with Wonderful Wonderful (2017).  

With their latest meisterwerk, Imploding The Mirage, also hitting the No. 1 spot in Ireland and teh UK, there is no better time to speak to the band’s mailman and songwriting driving force, Brandon Flowers – a man who is by turns eloquent, outspoken and eminently persuasive.

*This is a ‘flip cover' with Sinead O’Connor 

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