The 1000th Issue Special - The Super de Luxe Package!

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This is a fantastic three-in-one package, which is a fab way of enjoying the Hot Press 1,000th Issue Special. You get:

– The 1,000th Issue
– Put Yourself on the First Cover Print
– I Prefer The Early Stuff Bonus Issue
– All-in Price Super de Luxe Package – €79.50 

For Our 1,000th issue we published  five covers to choose from

  1.     Rory Gallagher (70's)
  2.     U2 (80's)
  3.     Madonna (90's)
  4.     Amy Winehouse (00's)
  5.     Hozier (10's)

I Prefer The Early Stuff Bonus Issue

This is a unique slice of Irish publishing, and rock ’n’ roll history, hand-printed for each and everyone who buys it. This 32-page special will include fantastic material from Hot Press first years in action. You can customise it by choosing which first major interview* you want added to the publication from the list below. This will be a collectors’ item – personalised to you.

Thin Lizzy / Philip Lynott
Rory Gallagher
The Pogues
The Clash
Kate Bush
Sinéad O’Connor
The Cranberries
The Smiths

Put yourself on the cover

Along with the 1,000th Issue of Hot Press, you will receive special high-quality A3 print of the cover of the first-ever issue of Hot Press. Each of these covers will be customised to include your pic – or that of a friend – among the cast of rock ’n’ roll reprobates that surrounds the iconic pic of Rory Gallagher if you could please submit a jpg or pdf to after ordering. 

(Comes with a free digital subscription to Hot Press worth €40)